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about Bangladeshi entertainersBangladeshi Cinema has a rich history. On April 24, 1898, films were shown in Dhaka by the Bradford Bioscope Company, at the Crown Theatre, in Patuatuli. Though, in the early years, most of the Bengali films were produced in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Nawab family of Dhaka produced Sukumari (1928) and The Last Kiss (1931). After the partition of India in 1947, the first full-length feature film with sound made in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) was Abdul Jabbar Khan’s Mukh O Mukhosh (1956). During the late 60s, 30 films were produced each year on an average. Production quantity continued to increase after the establishment of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The quality of the films also increased with the quantity.

The downfall of Bangladeshi Cinema (Dhallywood Films) started in early 80’s. Though, Salman Shah Singlehandedly prevent it for few years. But his untimely death in 1996 made a huge negative effect in Dhallywood. The Post Salman Shah era marked as the beginning of the Dark Era of Dhallywood. In that period, elegant people stopped going to Cinemas to watch Bangladeshi Films. Filmmakers took the easy way out, and start producing movie with cheap and vulgar entertainment. But, last few years the tables had turned. Dhallywood film industry is now started producing good films. Now it’s not a shame to watch Bangladeshi Films.

We also started watching Bangladeshi cinema again. Though, we find it very difficult to find Information, News, Picture and other materials related to Bangladeshi films or its celebrities. We saw others complaining about that as well. Then, we thought, why don’t we stop complaining and solve that problem ourselves. That is why we made the site www.Bdentertainers.com.

We launched www.Bdentertainers.com as a one stop destination for you to find Celebrity Biography/Profile, Pictures and Videos, and Showbiz news of Bangladesh. www.Bdentertainers.com is the first and only quality site in Bangladesh, which is dedicated for Bangladeshi Entertainment. In this journey, we focus on constant improvement and for that we need your opinion and feedback. We will appreciate, if you can send us your opinion, advice, feedback, suggestion or any complain regarding our contents by this contact form. Your opinion matters most to us.

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