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Actress Nawshaba Ahmed appears in the commercial movies

Bangladeshi model and Actress Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed will soon appear in the wholesale commercial movies. She has signed contract for the cinema ‘Proti ruddho’ directed by Khijir Hayat Khan. Khijir Hayat became famous for his first movie ‘Jaago’ and it is his second work. Nawshaba acted in the side characters in her previous two movies ‘Udhao’ and ‘Under construction’. But here in ‘Proti ruddho’ she acted in the main character; new face Amit Sinha is his hero in this movie.

Actress Nawshaba Ahmed
Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed

Nawshaba said in this regard,

“I’ve received the script of the cinema; I’ve lots of opportunity to show my acting skills in this movie. It is mainly an action – thriller. The character shows different ups and downs in the life of a young girl. I simply like this character.”

Once busy television Actress Nawshaba Ahmed said that she has not acted in any single or serial dramas after the Eid – ul – Adha and she is taking full preparations for the film. She said, “I’m going to act in a commercial movie for the first time. It needs time to prepare for the film acting. Now I’m preparing myself for that.” The shooting of ‘Proti ruddhu’ will be started in the midst of December. The movie ‘Under construction’ acted by Nawshaba is going to be released soon but she doesn’t know when her second movie will be released.

Actress Nawshaba Ahmed
Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed

Nawshaba said about working in the celluloid regularly,

“I’m eagerly waiting to see the responses of the spectators after releasing the movie. I want to act regularly in cinema. I will definitely perform if there are timely characters with good stories available to me.”

Actress Nawshaba Ahmed can sing songs also. Nawshaba’s husband Ahmed Ehsanur Rahman Zia composed songs written by her. She informed that an album named ‘Scarlet sky’ will soon be released with these songs.

Actress Nawshaba Ahmed Model and Actress  New Picture

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