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Anonno Mamun membership Cancellation from director committee

Bangladesh film director’s committee has cancelled the membership of controversial film director Anonno Mamun. The decision was taken in a meeting that occurred in last 21st of June. A formal letter from the committee was also sent towards him in 22nd of June. The membership of Anonno Mamun has been cancelled according to the sub – section A of section 5 of the Organ gram of Directors committee.

The leaders of the committee informed that his membership has been cancelled due to some reasons which include falsification of educational certificates, exhibition of Indian films in Bangladesh through fraud statement of joint production, harming the image of director’s committee etc.

Secretary General of Director’s committee Mushfiqur Rahman Guljar said, “First we have received complaints against Anonno Mamun to exhibit Indian films in Bangladesh in the name of joint production, we sent him a show cause notice but he didn’t answer. There are many complaints of fraudulences that arise in many times. He filed suits against the director committee and the vice chairman of sensor board. The image of our association has been hampered due to all these activities. So we are forced to take this hard decision.”

Anonno Mamun membership Cancellation from director committee
Director Anonno Mamun

In reply Anonno Mamun said, “I haven’t yet received the letter. If they think it is necessary to suspend me, it is their decision; I have nothing to say about it.”

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