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Aparna Ghosh : Pictures Gallery

Bangladeshi mode and actress Aparna Ghosh is equally popular in television screen and large screen. She was among the top five competitors of Lux beauty peasant competition of 2006 and started her career in the media. Aporna’s first television appearance was in the drama titled ‘Tobu o valobashi’. She acted in many single and serial dramas after that period of time. ‘Third person singular number’ directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki was her first movie.

It is known that popular actress Aparna Ghosh has taken a short term interval from the film industry. She said explaining the matter, “I have been tried to work maintaining my standard since the beginning of my career and I have received good responses from the spectators for my previous works. Now I am waiting to receive responses for my recently released movies whether it is criticism or appreciation. So I do not want to go under contract for any new work before that. That is why I have decided to take a short interval.”

‘Third person singular number’, ‘Mrittikar Maya’, ‘To be continued’, and ‘Megh mallar’ are the movies acted by Aporna. On the other hand, Aporna has completed the work of her fifth movie ‘Shutopa’ recently which will be released at the mid section of the current year.

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