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Bangladesh is in Cannes Film Festival

 The 67th Cannes Film Festival is in height now. And within many countries, Bangladesh also is in discussion through the creativity of young film maker Kamar Ahmed Saimon who is now present in Cannes Film Festival.

His first Bangladeshi Bangla movie “Shunte Ki Pao – Are You Listening” received the Grand Prix last year in “Cinema Du Reel” of France. This time his movie theme is selected among the top ten lists out 125 in the ‘La Cinema Du Monde’ (world’s cinema) in Kan and it is the first of this sort of achievement for Bangladesh.

‘World’s Cinema’ is such a platform in where young makers are able to be in touch of film producers. Under a project of ‘French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’, film makers submit a theme of movie along with the script and some primary screenplay. Apart from these they have to fulfill some conditions such as the movie have to be a large screen production and the budget should be within 4 million US$.

Movie Shunte ki pao in Kan Film Festival

The project of this year is directed by famous Brazilian film director Walter Salece who directed some of the world famous films like “Central station” and “The Motorcycle Diaries”. The theme of the cinema by Kamar Ahmed Saimon is named ‘Silence of the sea – shell’. It is the story of two traveler friends who crosses many borders and valleys to find the way of a river flows towards the ocean.

Movie Shunte ki pao in Kan Film Festival
Director Kamar Ahmad Simon and Producer Sara Afrin

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