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Bangladeshi actor Kalyan Corraya started her third movie

Bangladeshi model and actor Kalyan Corraya started her journey in the large screen through the movie named ‘Pita’ directed by Masud akhondo which was released in the December of 2012. After that her second movie “Jonakir alo” directed by Khalid Mahmud Mithu was released in last April. Kalyan has now started her third movie named ‘Prarthona’ directed by Nazim Joy.

The shooting was started by taking the scene of a song in Cox’s Bazar in 23rd of June. The song titled ‘Ei prarthona, shadhona, ei aradhona tomar e jonno’ was sung by Nancy and Kishore. The music director of the movie is Emon Shaha.

Bangladeshi actor Kalyan Corraya said about the movie, “It has a nice story which reflects a practical problem of modern days. Now most of the parents cannot provide adequate time to their children due to their own busy schedules. It affects badly upon the children. I am very much hopeful about the work.”

Kalyan Corraya started her third movie

Other characters of ‘Prarthona’ movie are Noushin, Jitu Ahsan, Moushumi Nag, Shahrier Nazim Joy. The film is produced by Impress telefilm.

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  1. Entertainment Bangladesh

    He is really a good actor. I seen his movie “Pita”. It was a nice film I seen ever! Anyway, thanks for sharing about Kalyan Corraya. :)

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