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Fatimatu Zohra Etisha

Bangladeshi Model and actress Fatimatu Zohra Etisha recently participated in the ‘Miss Asia Pacific World Talent – 2014’. Held in South Korea, she has competed with the participants of 50 countries. Etisha is also going to participate in two of the international beauty contests called ‘Face of beauty’ occurring in Taiwan and ‘Miss Heritage’ occurring in Africa.

But she is thinking of becoming a fully fledged actress and now working in the film ‘Zero theke hero’ directed by shaheen Shumon. New comer Zef is acting as her hero in this movie. Fatimatu Zohra Etisha’s father Nana Shah is acting as the main villain in this movie. About acting with father in her first movie, Etisha said, “Whenever my father becomes an actor, he is fully professional in his attitude forgetting about the personal relationship. I was surprised in his behavior when I saw him in the set for the first time. Then I realized how serious he is about acting.”

Bangladeshi Model and actress Fatimatu Zohra Etisha is also acting in another movie with her father named ‘Dhongsho manob’ which is an action film. The movie is directed by Mijanur Rahman Shameem and Saimon is her hero in that occasion.

 Bangladeshi Model and actress Fatimatu Zohra Etisha

Bangladeshi Model and actress Fatimatu Zohra Etisha said, “I have grown up watching Shakib Khan’s movies. I’m a big fan of him and dreamt to act with him.” Itisha is acting in drama along with modeling and cinema. Her first drama is ‘Dikhar’. It is a joint venture of Chanel – I and Ruposhi Bangla of West Bengal in which Etisha acted in the prime character. Apart from that she acted in the drama ‘Rajkonna’ by Johora Abir Khan and ‘Nij grihe porobashi’ by Azizul Hakim.

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