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Hollywood Movie Based on a Bangladeshi

The story of an immigrant Bangladeshi is going to depict in a Hollywood movie. Oscar winning film maker Catherine Bagel is directing a movie named “The true American”. Tom Hardy is acting in the main role of the movie. In a portion of this movie, the story of a Bangladeshi immigrant named Roisuddin Bhuiya will be showed.

The movie is based upon a non – fiction of Anondo Giridham “The true American: Murder and Mercy In Texas”. The book is written on a true story that happened in Texas after the 1/11 attack in USA which has already been published. Rois Bhuiya is one of the true characters in this book.

In the so called “war on terrorism” notorious killer Mark Anthony Strowman wanted to make himself an “Arab slair” or killer of the Arabians. A wise officer of Bangladesh Biman and a Muslim immigrant in Dalas, Roisuddin Bhuiya made himself established in the United States through his own merit and perseverance.

The story of a Bangladeshi in the Hollywood movie

In 21st of September, 2001 Rois Bhuiyan was working in the counter of a gas station in Dallas. At that moment Mark Strowman came there and put him on the gun point. Frightened Rois take the cash from the counter and wanted to give him. But Mark didn’t want his money, he wanted his life.

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