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Jonakir Alo opening exhibition in 12th Asian Film Festival

Bangladeshi Renowned Film director Khalid Mahmud Mithu’s new movie “Jonakir Alo”, is going to be the opening exhibition in Mumbai, India. The film was nominated for twelfth Asian Film Festival competitions in Mumbai.This exhibition will be Start on Tuesday and the festival has been organized by Third Eye. After that this film will be the inaugural exhibition at Dhaka International Film Festival and Dhaka International Film Festival exhibition which will be organized by Rainbow.

No decision have been taken for the commercial released of “Jonakir Alo”. Mithu said when the political situation will be normal in our country, then the decision will be taken.

Bangladeshi Bangla Movie Jonakir Alo

Jonakir Alo Received clearance from the Bangladeshi film censor board in December, 2013.This is a TrianBangladeshi Bangla Movie Jonakir Alogle love story based bangla movie and the main role performs by Film actor Emon, Model and actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim and also Television Actor Kalyan Corraya. On the other site, Others character  has  played by Diti, Shams Sumon, Gazi rakayet, Tarik Anam, Masud Ali Khan, Mita Chowdhury, Monira mithu .

The film has been shouted in SantMartin, Rangamati, Tangail, Comilla and Dhaka’s several locations and Half million money have been spent in making this Bangla movie.Meanwhile Bangladeshi Bangla movie “Jonakir Alo” is sent to the United States and Florida, Australia’s Melbourne, Hungary and Indian, Jaipur Film Festival and also ten film festivals.

Emon Saha, ibrara Tipu, Haidar Hussein and Saad compose the music and Nancy, bappa Mazumder, Agon, ibarara Tipu and Haider Hussain Gave voice in this Cinema.

National Film Award-winning creators Khalid Mahmud Mithu do not hold any expectations about this Bangla cinema. He gave the judge to the audience about the quality of his Bangla Cinema Jonakir Alo. So wait for released of this Bangla cinema, know about the Khalid Mahmud Mithu’s new Bangla movie “Jonakir Alo”.

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