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Joya Ahsan

Joya Ahsan is a National Award winning Actress in Bangladesh. She started her career in showbiz in late 90’s and she is still working as a leading actress in films and TV drama. That makes her the only actress in Bangladesh in the modern era, who is maintaining popularity as a leading actress for a long time. Moreover, she is also performing in TVCs as a glamour model. She began her career through TVC.

Then she started performing in TV Dramas. After a decade performing in the small screen, Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan started acted in Dhallywood (Bangladeshi Film Industries) movies. Every field in the showbiz she steeped, success followed her.

Bangladeshi Model And Actress Joya Ahsan Early Life

Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan was born to M. A. S. Maswood and Rehana Maswood. She was became attracted to music and art in her childhood. She did diploma courses on Robindra Sangeet and Indian classical music. She also did a course on painting, when she was a school student. Though, she wanted to become a carpenter, because as a child she was fascinated by the craftsmanship.

Bangladeshi Film Actress Joya Ahsan Career

Bangladeshi Model and Actress Joya Ahsan first steeped into the Bangladeshi Showbiz as a Model. Her debut was with a TVC of Coca Cola. Subsequently she performed in several other TVCs. Though, she didn’t have much attention as a model. Joya Ahsan’s first appearance as an Actress was a Tele Film “Panchami”, where she acted in a leading role. While working on the drama she met actor Golam Mustafa. He suggested her to stay in showbiz and insisted that she would do better if she stays. The drama didn’t get much success, but because of the inspiration from Golam Mustafa, Joya Ahsan decided to continue her career in the media. Though, because of her studies, her father told her to leave modeling and acting. Joya listened to him and left media. Then she joined a school as a teacher.

Bangladeshi model and film actress Joya Ahsan

Though, her passion for modeling and acting couldn’t stay away from showbiz for long. Joya Ahsan resumed modeling which later proved the turning point of her career. She first got mainstream attention for her acting in Giasuddin Selim’s TV Drama ( Bangla Natok) “Shongshoy”. She never had to look back after that. She acted in many popular TV Dramas, such as “Neer”, “Tevagha”, “Sixty Nine”, “Shahortolir Alo”, “Mone Mone”, “Labonno Probha”, “Shonghoy”, “Off Beat”, “Hatkura”, “Tarporo Angurlata Nandoke Valobase”, “No Mans Land”, “Amader Golpo”, “Tarpor Paruler Deen”,and “Labonno prova”.

Joya Ahsan, Bangladeshi Film Actress, debut film was Bachelor (2003), directed by Mustofa Sarwar Faruki. The film was targeted to niche audience. The film fulfilled its goal, but it didn’t get nationwide attention. Afterwards she was absent from silver screen for seven years. She came back to the silver screen in 2010 in Nurul Alam Atik’s debut film “Dubshatar” (2010). In that movie Joya Ahsan debuted as a playback singer, with the track “Tomer Khola Hawa”. In the same year, she acted in “Phire Esho Behula”. It was the first big budget film in her career. The film performed below average in box office.

In 2011 Joya Ahsan Bangladeshi Actress,  acted in Nasiruddin Yousuf Bachchu’s movie Guerrilla which based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War. It was an adaptation of the novel Nishiddho Loban by Syed Shamsul Huq. The film was a huge hit and ran over hundred days in many movie theaters around the country. This film won national awards in ten categories, including the best actress award won by Joya Ahsan.

BD model and film actress Joya Ahsan

Guerilla received Awards in 4 categories in Meril Prothom Alo Award 2011 including Joya Ahsan winning the best actress in a film award. After that success, she shifted her focus to movies. In 2012, Bangladeshi film actress Joya Ahsan acted in Director Redwan Rony’s debut film “Chorabali”. The film performed well in box office and declared as a hit. In 2013, she acted in Indian Bangla film “Aborto”. She also acted in Bangladeshi film “Parle Theka” and “Purnodoirgho Prem Kahini” in the same year.

Other Activities Of Joya Ahsan

Joya Ahsan is also a singer and did diploma courses in Indian classical music and Rabindra Sangeet. She did playback in several films, such as “Tomer Khola Hawa” in Dubshatar and Jongoler Daak in Parle Theka.

Besides media, she is good at crafting and painting, which she demonstrated in art house productions like “Anechy Shurjer Hashi”. She was chosen to be a brand ambassador for USAID (US Agency for International Development) to help women and children.

Bangladeshi model and film actress Joya Ahsan

Joya Ahsan Personal Life

Joya Ahsan’s father is M. A. S. Maswood and mother is Rehana Maswood. At the beginning of her career, M. A. S. Maswood was strictly against her ingress into the showbiz. However, after seeing Joya’s rapid success, he began to encourage her. Joya Ahsan married Faisal, who himself was a famous model. BD Actress And Model, Joya Ahsan mentioned that her husband Faisal inspired her a lot after her marriage. There was a speculation in the media that Joya Ahsan Faisal Ahsan were getting divorced but the claim was denied by Joya Ahsan.

Note: You can find Joya Ahsan’s news and latest picture in her Google+ profile and visit for Joya’s Pic

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