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Kistimaat – The much discussed movie of the year

The much discussed movie of the year Kistimaat has been released in this year’s Eid season. The movie has attracted full house spectators after releasing. Young director Ashikur Rahman directed the movie and this is his first movie to be released. Before that he directed another movie named ‘Gangster returns’ which is yet to be released.

Bangladeshi bangla movie Kistimaat

Bangladeshi Model and Film Actor Arefin Shuvo and Film actress Anchol Akhi acted in main two characters of the movie “Kistimaat”. The movie has been discussed a lot after being released. The production house of the movie took unconventional procedures for the publicity of the movie. Suppose they gave an opportunity to the fans who took pictures in front of the posters after watching the movie and upload the pictures in the fan page of the cinema to participate in the lottery and 10 spectators selected by that lottery will give an opportunity to meet with the actor of this cinema Arefin Shuvo and pass two hours time with him.

On the other hand the actress of the cinema Anchol is regularly watching her movie in different cinema halls with the general spectators. She is also taking opinions of the general spectators about the movie. Many people think that it is the most commercially successful of Anchol who entered into the film industry with the cinema ‘Vul’. She appeared in a way in front of the spectators. Directors of the present time is thinking about this actress

Bangladeshi bangla movie Kistimaat

The production house of the movie Tiger Media said,

“We had received positive responses from different ranges of spectators. We have also received good responses from the owners of cinema hall after releasing the movie. We will soon release the movie in different other halls also.”

It is seen from visiting various cinema halls that there are overflow of spectators to watch the movie. Hall owners are also very happy about the success. ‘Kistimaat’ took the cinema halls from the Eid day.

Director Ashikur Rahman said, “The movie “Kistimaat” is working well in the cinema hall. Soon it will be released in the halls outside Dhaka.”

A student of Dhaka University said, “The song of the movie ‘Kistimaat’ is nice. I do not watch cinema regularly. We have watched the cinema ‘Kistimat’ with friends after Eid. It is well enough.”

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