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Lux Channel I superstar 2014 Registration Started

The registration for next season’s “Lux Channel I Super Star 2014” competition is now undergoing in the whole country. For registering one has to go to lux stars and beauty or Lux Bangladesh Facebook Page. The hotline number is 09-666-999-666.

The winner will be the ‘New face of Lux’ in Bangladesh and receive a brand new car. Recently a program has been arranged in the Grand Ballroom of Dhaka Westin to celebrate 50 years of Lux in Bangladesh and to promote the “Lux Chanel I super star – 2014”. Lux stars who have been engaged with Lux since 1964, media personalities and popular persons of Fashion and glamour world were present in the occasion.

Lux Chanel I superstar 2014 Registration

A memorabilia contains all the beautiful faces and talents that involved with Lux for all these 50 years has been opened up in the occasion by the Uniliver Chairman in Bangladesh & MD Kamran Bakar and Asiatic Three sixty Group’s Chairman actor Ali Zaker.

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  1. i want to be star

  2. Fariah Ahsan Chowdhury

    I am not able to register. I tried alot. But it’s not happening.. plz help.

  3. shaoun shabnam moushumi

    i want to be registation from lux super star 2014 contest.

    • moushumi please find there are two registration link on the post, click any one and follow the instruction for complete the registation

  4. lux super star res. last date kobe

  5. I want to know when lux starbeauty selection round in this year?.How can i sure about it ?.I know my id number but I don’t know when lux is selection round.

    • Hello noorjahan, thank for your comments, please like this Facebook pages, this is the official fan page of lux starbeauty https://www.facebook.com/LuxBangladesh hope you will be fine all information for here.

      thank you

    • Shob girls ake proshno korcha.kokhon call ashba.r amra shobai ke kora bojbo amar shobai selected hoa gache.r akta important Q. acha.Q.ta holo.ato gulor beautyful girls thaka talent,nice=supar dupar girl khujba ke kora.amadar ka ke kono subject opor exam ba.’ janoural knowlage’ nea kecho jun ta chaiba nake.

      • Pls,help us.jothe ai subject nea kecho jananor thaka toba amadare easy hoto.r aktu study korao jato.pls.recently kecho information dela bashe valo hoto.

        • Ata kamon holo….? Kono solucation nai ke apnar kacha? ba kono informatino- ja thaka ame help pabo.really I need your help.

          • Hello noor jahan akther, Lux Channel I superstar 2014 Registration already close, how can i help you?

          • Tahola jara id number paicha tadar shokol kai ke call kora hoba.ctg ta lux ar selection round koba.r ke jun chaiba.ai tuku to help to kortai paran amak.pls……

  6. Ruaiyat Anta Tasneem

    I want to be a star

  7. i want to participant this largest lux channel i super star.i am a bba student of stamford university.

  8. i want to perticipent this entertainment.

  9. 2015 ar regestation kokhn?

  10. I want to be star….how can i regestation and which time?

  11. 2015 year ar regestation kokon?

  12. 2015 er registration ki start hoe gese…kivabe korte hobe???

    • Lux Channel I superstar 2015 registration do not started, if 2015 registration will be started, of course we will inform you . Stay with us.

  13. Ami 2014 the scholarship peye JSC pass korechi.Ami ki next audition e participate hishebe ashte parbo?

    • Hi Nishat, Thanks For comments, Without completed the H.S.C ( Higher secondary School certificate ) you do not Registration at Lux Channel I superstar competition.

  14. anny jannatul disha

    Plz informed me 2015 er registration Kobe hobe. Ar jonno ki ki korte hobe aktu jodi idea din valo hoto plzz

    • Lux Channel I superstar authority do not declared the Lux Channel I superstar 2015 Registration. Stay with us if they declared we will inform you .

  15. lux channel 2015 audition round ki start hoise ???na hole lokhon hobe ?

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