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Mahfuz Ahmed

Bangladeshi Tv actor Mahfuz Ahmed has been performing in the media of Bangladesh for seven years and been able to gain a special place in the hearts of the spectators by his unique and touchy expressions. He is visibly active in both television and film industry. Mahfuz realized in his long journey that an actor has to do everything to entertain the spectators. Mahfuz Ahmed thinks that an actor and actress should posses some special characteristics so that it can allure the spectators. So that people get stick in front of the television set and eagerly wait for a repeat telecast.

Bangladeshi Actor Mahfuz AhmedBangladeshi Tv actor Mahfuz Ahmed said that he always keep an eye in this aspect and never drifts down in his acting. He always tries to act naturally and enthusiastically in whatever character assigned to him. The prolific actor thinks that when the general spectators feel belongingness in acting they will not get attached to the foreign channels. He bears the philosophy to be enthusiastic and touchy in acting. Mahfuz believes that any creation should be as such so that it would not diminish with the time. He wants to do something which will be in the heart of people forever.

Actor Mahfuz is also a successful director of the time. He said that there are only a few good directors working in the media today who are trying to produce some good works in the media. But everything cannot be protected by trial – intelligence and future perspective are needed to maintain good works in any sector and Mahfuz Ahmed said that no one should come into the sensitive work of directing before knowing the work properly. So he first learned things during his acting and later came into the world of direction.

He has been appreciated for his direction of single dramas as well as the serial drama named ‘Tomar doay valo achi ma’. Now he is busy in his direction of the mega serial ‘Choita pagol’ which has crossed its hundredth of episode. It will be made up to 140th episode. Mahfuz Ahmed is acting in the title character of this drama. Bangladeshi Tv actor Mahfuz Ahmed said, “It is really hard to act and direct at the same time. I wanted to give the character ‘Choita’ to someone else. But I didn’t find anyone of my choice. It is a real truth that there is not only shortage of qualified directors in this country but also lacking of good actors. Good actors cannot flourish without good direction. But we have to come out of this situation. It will be hard for our media industry to stand without good actors.”

Bangladeshi Tv actor Mahfuz Ahmed hopes that one day the media industry will produce such good works so that the spectators won’t incline for the foreign channels. He is reflecting his dreams in his works.  Mahfuz Ahmed wants to act and direct all through his life because he does this for the general people.

Mahfuz Ahmed – Bangladeshi Tv Actor New Photo

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