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Maria Noor (RJ Maria)

Maria Noor (RJ Maria) is mainly known as a presenter. She is presenting a program in Channel Twenty four named ‘Ultimate World Cup’. She has also acted in some of the television dramas.When Maria asked whose supporter is she in the Football World Cup, she is curious to answer that. She is smart in her expressions and words; she said many things but has not answered exactly, “Many people are asking this in face book. I am discussing about many teams and many players in my program. So people eagerly want to know my choice, but if I would say my exact choice, some people can become upset.”

Maria is crazy about football not because only she is presenting a program about football, she generally follow football in every moment. She is a bit different in craziness about this. Let us now hear about her favorite footballer.

Maria said, “I like Ronaldo so much. When Ronaldo shaved his head, it became my latest style, I wanted to shave my head like him but mother became so angry that I resist myself at that time.” The family members of Maria are supporting different teams; it brings lot of arguments as well as fun.”

Presenter and RJ Maria Noor
Maria Noor (RJ Maria)

Maria Noor is interested not only in football but also in cricket. She used to present a cricket program in GTV named ‘T – 20 cricket blast’ during T – 20 World Cup.

RJ Maria started her career as a RJ in FM Radio. She started her journey in ABC radio in 2009 where she worked for four consecutive years. Maria appeared in the television in 2012 when she presented a life style program in Chanel – 24. From that point she became a fully fledged television presenter. She became a VJ from RJ. Maria said, “Working in the radio channel is time consuming. As I am now busy with television presenting I cannot make time for radio. But my love for radio remains the same as before. I work in the radio whenever I manage time.”

Presenter and RJ Maria Noor
Maria Noor (RJ Maria)

Maria has also worked in the television dramas such as ‘It can happen’ by Marburg Rashid, ‘Obiter nary, okobitar nari’ by Golam Muktadir. But she has not that much interest for acting as she has for presenting. When asked the reason Maria said, “Acting takes lot of time. As I have shows in television and radios I cannot make time for acting. I also feel that the acting is not for me. I am ok in my presenting.”

Maria wants to do modeling beside her presenting works. At present one of her commercial named ‘Ekhonoi dot kom’ is telecasting in different channels. It is the first commercial of Maria directed by Mostofa Sarwar Faruki.

Presenter and RJ Maria Noor
Maria Noor (RJ Maria)

Maria studied fashion designing. Last year she completed her master’s from Shanta – Mariam University. She also completed her Masters in Accounting from Dhaka City College.

Presenter and RJ Maria Noor is going to reveal herself in several more commercials and television programs. Maria said that she believes she can build her position through presentation and modeling.

RJ Maria Noor New Photo

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