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Mila (Full Name: Mila Islam) is one of the most famous singer in Bangladesh. She is one of the most commercially successful singer in recent times in Bangladesh. She had a passion for music from her childhood and took several courses to become a singer. Her first album “Fele Asha” was released in 2006. Her first album was a huge hit and made her a Pop Icon in Bangladesh. Later she released few more albums and all of them were hit. Now a day she is singing playback for Dhallywood Films ( Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema).

Mila : Bangladeshi Singer Biography

Singer Mila’s Early Life : She was born and bought up in an Army Society, as her father Shahed Islam was an Army Officer. For her father’s occupation, Mila moved all over Bangladesh all her childhood. Her mother Shopna Islam is a Nazrul-giti singer, and she is the main reason to become a singer. From the age of three, she started taking classical music training from her mother and professional music teachers. Though, when she was studying in 5th grade, she left music to concentrate on her studies. After her SSC, she decided to pursue a carrier in music and started practicing again. She was trained for Classical and Najrul-giti, but later she chose to sing western pop, rock and hip hops.

Mila Bangladesh Singer

BD Singer Mila’s Music Career

Bangladeshi Singer Mila’s first album “Fele Asha” was released in 2006 and it was a big hit. The album was featured by Singer Balam. Her first solo album gave her nationwide popularity and made her a pop icon. After that she started to regularly perform in concerts and mixed albums. In that time she introduced glamour based music videos in Bangladesh.

BD Singer Mila’s Second Album Chapter 2 was featured by the pop-giant Fuad and gained much more interest from the young generation who were typically interested in Hindi Music. “Rupban Nachey Komor Dolaiya” and “Baburam Shapura”, these two songs from the second album, ruled the top chart for a long time. “Rupban Nachey Komor Dolaiya” song’s music video is considered as the most popular music video in Bangladesh till date.

Mila Bangladesh Singer
Mila’s family

In 2009, Fuad featuring MilaRe-defined” was released as Mila’s 3rd album which also was a huge hit. Currently Mila Islam is doing playback singing for films.Besides singing, Mila has acted in several TV Dramas and Short Films. Her acting debut was with Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s Short film “Proposal One”, with another Bangladeshi Singer Hridoy Khan’s acting debut. She also made a cameo appearance in a Dhallywood Film ( Bangladeshi Bangla movie) “Matir Thikana”.


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