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Model and actress Sarika Sabrin is back in acting

Bangladeshi Model and actress Sarika Sabrin first performed as a model in the advertisement of ‘Dejuice’ directed by Gaji Shuvro. Afterwards she stepped in the drama through acting in ‘Camelia’ directed by Ashutosh Shujon. But sharika became a star overnight after performing in the advertisement of mobile company Banglalink. She won the hearts of people in the commercial of ‘Pran chatni’.

Sarika Sabrin, after that has been regularly seen in different dramas, commercials and television films. Model and actress Sarika Sabrin was in an affair with model Nirob due to their long engagement in work. They had a good time all together but Sharika became isolated from media after her break up with Nirob. She decided not to work in media anymore. But as time passed through sharika became engaged again and this time there is no media person. She became related with a businessman named Mahim but Sharika’s family did not accept this relation first. But ultimately her family accepted and Sharika got married with Mahim in 12th of August. She is now the house of her in laws in Sector – 4, Uttara.

Bangladeshi model and actress sarika sabrin

Everyone doubted whether Model and actress Sarika Sabrin will act anymore in the future but she assured that she is going to back in the acting very soon. She will start acting after the coming Eid season. There are some of the scripts in her hands now.

But she also said that she will work selectively this time. As many of the small screen actresses are now acting in the big screen, she has been asked whether she will do that, Sarika said that she has no interest to work in the films now. If this sector will be improved some day and she came to like the script – it would be a consideration at that time.

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