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New exclusive pictures of Mousumi Hamid

Mousumi Hamid – Bangladeshi model and film actress is one of the most popular phases of the time whose show biz career started from participating in the Lux Channel I Superstar Competition. She became the second runner up in this competition in 2010. She acted in several dramas after that success. She became more familiar among the general spectators when Bangladeshi model and film actress  Mousumi Hamid started acting in the drama named ‘Roshni’ which is a joint production of Bangladesh and Kolkata.

Mousumi Hamid have acted in a single film named ‘Na Manush’ directed by Animesh Aich. She changed her real name for acting in this movie and hold a new name ‘Moumi’ but all in vain. The movie has not been released due to the troubles between the director and the producer. The producer filed a case against the director of the movie Animesh Aich. Luck hasn’t really favored her in that regard.

She signed contract for two other movies afterwards, these are ‘Hadsoner bonduk’ directed by Proshanto Odhikari and ‘Jalaler pitagon’ directed by Abu Shahed Imon. In the movie ‘Hadsoner Bonduk’ , Bangladeshi model and film actress Mousumi Hamid have acted in the character of a restless, frisky girl whose maternal uncle is a famous anthropologist. She acted as an assistant of her maternal uncle to protect a gun which was an antique used in the time of ‘Sipahi’ revolution. In the movie Misha Showdagor acted as her maternal uncle.

On the other hand, in the movie ‘Jalaler Pitagon’ she acted in the character of a princess in a theater. The princess became the first love of Jalal. During working in those movies Mousumi Hamid said that she will be regular in the films from then and will not participate in the television dramas. But she is again performing in the dramas. She is now performing in the drama ‘Trishna’ directed by Shakhwat Manik and produced by Arshad Adnan.

Kalian is acting with her in that. Mousumi said, “

I’m more interested to act in the films, especially commercial movies. But how long do I wait for this? So I’ve decided to work in the dramas unless I find that kind of opportunity. And I’m eagerly waiting for the releasing of my movies.”

Mousumi Hamid New exclusive Photos Collection 

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