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New Sensation Film Actress Pori Moni

 Bangladeshi film actress Pori moni becomes a known face in the film arena although her first movie is yet to be released. She has acted in several movies until now and at present she is shooting in Dipjal’s house in Savar.

Bangladeshi film actress Pori Moni

In this regard Porimoni said, “The shooting of the movie ‘Pure jay mon’ is undergone now. The story of this movie is beautiful. My character is also nice. After the movie ‘Rana Plaza’ I’ve just found another unconventional story.” She also said, “Once a boy and a girl are born in the same place. They cannot be separated, they cry if someone makes them apart. At last they live together, play together, make friendship and fight together. They cannot understand whether this is friendship or love. When they become separated they start thinking about themselves. And then the story turns in different way.”

Saimon Sadik is acting with Porimoni in this movie. The shooting will be undergone up to 22nd of May. Then the shooting unit will move to Kaptai.

bangladeshi film actress porimoni

About the movie Film Actress Pori Moni said, “So far the shooting of ‘Valobasha Shimahin’ by Shah Alam, ‘Innocent love’ by Apurbo Rana, ‘Rana Plaza’ by Nazrul Islam, ‘Amar mon jure tui’ by Wajed Ali Shumon has been completed. The shooting of the movies ‘Surprise’ by F I Manik, ‘Mon jane na moner thikana’ by Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar and ‘Valobashar onek jala’ by Faruk Omor will start soon.”

Bangladeshi Film Actress Pori Moni New Photo

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