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Peya Bipasha : Picture Gallery

Peya Bipasha, Bangladeshi Model and actress was primarily inspired by her elder sister Asha for Come to the Bangladeshi Media. Asha became the first runner up in the Veet Chanel I top model competition. Later Peya Bipasha came in the media with the help of her sister. She started her journey in the media in the year of 2012 through participating in the Lux Chanel I Superstar competition. But she withdrew herself from the competition after reaching in the top ten.

Bangladeshi Model and actress Peya Bipasha New Photo

Afterwards she became the model in the billboard of Arong and thereby started her journey again in the media. In that sequence she became the model in the billboard of Cats eye, ecstasy, Chaity and some other well known fashion houses.Peya Bipasha’s turning point in the career was being depicted in the advertisement billboard of Vaseline, a product of Unilever. Everyone came to know her after this advertisement. In that period of time the commercial of GrameenPhone added new phase into her modeling career. Later she performed in the commercials of various products like Ispahani tea, Polar Ice cream, Olympic T20 biscuit, Parasute oil, Fruto mango juice etc.

Peya Bipasha – Bangladeshi Model and actress has decided to act regularly in the films and not to act in the television works any more. She is now working for the cinema named ‘Rudro the lover’ directed by Sayem Zafar Imami. It will be the first cinema to be acted by Piya.

Peya Bipasha’s home district is in Khulna and now she is living in Dhaka. She is a student of Shiddhewshari Girls College.

Bangladeshi Model and actress Peya Bipasha Wallpapers

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