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Sadia Afrin : Pictures Gallery

Sadia Afrin is a Bangladeshi Model, actress and item song girls came into the media after competing in the ‘Bichitra photo shundori’ competition in 2011. She appeared as a model and presenter. After that Sadia performed in the item song of the movie titled ‘Daring Lover’. Sadia Afrin’s television appearance initialized through participating in the drama ‘Chitro jogot’ directed by G M Shaikat.

The prominent small screen performances of Sadia occurred in Nirobe Nivrite’, ‘Otoppor Biye’, ‘Montri Shaheber kacher lok’, ‘Josna koreche ari’, ‘Velki chora’, ‘Lal banu’, ‘Common sense’, ‘Nishi kabbo’, ‘Odrisho shotru’, ‘Boss’, ‘Ekti love story’, ‘Dhanda’, ‘Ruposhi Nagin’, ‘Aponghore Porobash’, ‘Mago tomar jonno’, ‘Ami shilpi manush’, ‘Udiyoman Shurjo’, ‘Ratrir jatri’, ‘Mamlabaz’ etc.

Sadia Afrin model and actress
Sadia Afrin model and actress

Bangladeshi model and actress Sadia Afrin also presented a program in Bangladesh television named ‘Shurer shurovi’. Although she performed in an item song that has not been released yet. But she has signed contract to act as a main actress in the film titled ‘Gondami’ directed by Saimon Tarique.

Bangladeshi item song girls Sadia Afrin had been criticized to make open performances in the item song of the movie ‘Ochena Hridoy’. She is now studying at National University in the department of English after completion of HSC from Pirojpur Government College.

Sadia Afrin model and item song girls new photo

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