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Srabosti Dutta Tinni : Picture Gallery

Srabosti Dutta Tinni is a famous  Model And Actress in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Actress Tinni was crowned Miss Bangladesh in 2004. Beginning of her career she worked for Lux Superstar. She also performed as a Lead actress in a film named “Shay Amar Mon Karechay” with Shakib Khan.

Srabosti Dutta Tinni’s career in the media started through modeling. She became popular when she started acting in the television dramas. This popularity as an actress paved her way to the film industry. But her uncontrolled life style and drug addiction hindered her career.

Srabosti Dutta Tinni’s  home after marrying actor Hillol in 28th of December, 2006. They had a child named Warisha. Tinni was out of the media since the days of her pregnancy and as a result she fell behind his position in the media. At a time she made frisky relations with directors with an intention to gain her position which eventually led to family conflict. Tinni became separated from her husband Hillol at the end of 2009 and ultimately get divorced in 2012. All these misfortunes led her into more despair and she became drug addicted. It is heard that Tinni is now taking treatment to recover from addiction in a rehabilitation center.

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