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It is the time to come in the film : Mounita Khan Ishana

Mounita Khan Ishana – model and actress wants to act regularly in the Bangladeshi films after performing as a model and television actress. She wants build her career in the film industry like many other actresses of the time. Ishana informed that she is preparing herself well enough to act in the films.

 Ishana said in a recent conversation, “I’ve received many offers to act in the commercial films. And it is still coming. But I was not prepared at that time; I’m not yet fully prepared. I had objections to act in the mainstream cinemas. But everything has changed now. There are some excellent movies made recently so I think it is the high time to enter into the industry.”

 Mounita Khan Ishana Model and actress

Ishana is taking preparations in this regard, “I don’t want to come in the films all of a sudden. It needs preparations. I’m observing the works of classic as well as current actresses very attentively. I want to realize the trend in the film industry. I want to act in the films whatever it is and in all types of alternative characters. I want to participate in those films where I will get the opportunity to work up to my potentials.”

Mounita Khan Ishana also informed that she will continue performing in the television dramas. Now she is busy with acting in the serial dramas ‘Khonikaloy’, ‘Shunno theke shuru’. She will be seen in the new serial ‘Noashal’ directed by Mir Sabbir from Tuesday. It will be telecast in RTV at 9.05 pm every Tuesday.Mounita Khan Ishana Model and actress

Mounita Khan Ishana said, “I’ll not quit my acting in the televisions if I would become regular in the cinema. Because it is the television which exposed me as an actress,” Ishana is also performing regularly as a model and informed that soon she will be visible in different styles in some of the new commercials.

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